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Perimeter site hoarding is everywhere. Absolutely everywhere!

Go to your local shopping centre and you’re sure to find some. That Easter Fair, yep, it’s there. The house up the road who are having a loft conversion is hoarded. Glastonbury, they’ve got it. Not to mention that great big building site just off the dual carriage way building 40 new houses which is surrounded by hoarding.

Site hoarding comes in many different forms including Heras Fencing, ply sheeting, full metal grids to name just a few. But it’s not about what site hoarding is made from, it’s about what it is there for.

The main purpose of site hoarding is to outline the site perimeter and protect the people on the outside from what is going on on the inside. There is also the fact that most insurance companies insist on it being present to avoid accidents and define the area they are insuring.

We can provide site hoarding in any of the forms mentioned above to any of the circumstances mentioned above. Each hoarding can be designed bespoke to your requirements and with a variety of finishes.

You may want you hoarding branded with your corporate colours and logos, not a problem – we can do that. You may want steel gates or a wooden gate or no gate! You may not even know what you want. Don’t worry, we are the experts and after the initial site survey, we will be able to advise the perfect solution for you.

The hoarding is the first thing people see when looking at a building site and we understand fully that this means you want the best first impression. A quality product erected by a professional team in an efficient and timely manner! Look no further, just get in touch with a member of our team by clicking here

Free standing Timber Perimeter Site Hoarding erected by Affordable Facilities

Perimeter Hoarding

These are typically used for site set ups or when there is no scaffold on site at the time of fixing. Perimeter hoarding can be fixed by dig and post or weighted boxes filled with ballast, typically 575kg in a 1200mm x 600mm made up box to avoid disturbing services underground.

Site Hoarding erected around scaffolding by Affordable Facilities in London

Fixed to Scaffold Hoarding

There is no specific name for this, but it does just what it says on the tin. If you are looking to protect the public, or even just make the base lift of the scaffold look just a little bit nicer, this is what you are after. Fixed to a flush scaffold using tying band, this leaves a very pleasing result

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Working with Affordable Facilities has been a sheer delight. The guys gave me a really professional service and some great solutions I hadn’t even considered myself. I will definitely be using them again

Irene Moriarty
Contracts Director at Admiral Scaffolding

I have never used a hoarding company before that have been so easy to work with. Our clients plans changed on numerous occasions and Affordable were adaptable and amenable with their work for us. I found the operatives to be some of the most pleasant people on site. I would recommend Affordable Facilities to anyone looking for a hassle free service

Bob Hards
Architect at Incalmo Architects

When I decided to have some work done on my house, it didn’t even occur to me that I might need hoarding or a scaffolding alarm. Luckily, I was told this pretty early on and was recommended Affordable Facilities by a friend. I’m really glad these were the people I used. I had a number of quotations but found Affordable to be the most reasonable and professional. They kept their work neat and tidy and I slept much easier at night knowing my building work was being contained… especially living so close to a school. Thanks for all you did Steve!!

Katherine Evans
Home Owner