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Project: Housing Development

Location: Horsham

Client: Metro

Scope of Works: Dig & Post perimeter hoarding including gated entrance

This project for Metro, for dig & post perimeter hoarding for a property development, including the demolition of two existing homes to make way for six brand new developments, was a great success. During the installation the client required that we fabricate and fit an additional access gate to the middle of the hoarding. Whilst this was not in our original scope of works, Affordable Facilities gladly obliged, rose to the challenge and completed the project with minimal disruption to the timeframe of the ongoing development. With an original completion time of four days, this was completed with the additional requirements in five days:

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Project: Aerial walkway

Location: Wandsworth Shopping Centre

Client: Admiral

Scope of Works: To Provide protection to a temporary walkway between carpark and shopping centre

This project was no mean feat. However, as always Affordable Facilities really did (high) rise to the challenge!

Providing the protection hoarding to the walkway, lighting, and along with anti-slip mats to ensure maximum safety to all users, this project was completed in just 10 days. The quality of the structure provided by Admiral, along with the protection provided by Affordable Facilities ensured that everything remained in position until its disassembly nearly two years later.

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Project: Building Renovation

Location: Mayfair

Client: Metro

Scope of Works: To provide dual tunnel access hoarding along with alarm system and strip lights.

Our client contacted us to provide a unique dual tunnel hoarding, that ensured safety for the pedestrians passing by underneath, and we duly obliged.

At Affordable Facilities, we believe that safety is paramount. When on site undertaking the project, and upon completion, safe in the knowledge that our work will stand the test of time, and protect both those inside and outside of site.

With our tunnel lighting system providing visibility for pedestrians passing through, and our alarm system keeping site safe and secure when unattended, you know that you are in safe hands with Affordable Facilities.

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Project: Restoration

Location: Folgate Street

Client: Corley and Woolley

Scope of Works: Scaffold hoarding including soffit and lights for traffic and pedestrians

Whilst this project for a building restoration posed its unique challenges with working so close to the road side, Affordable Facilities did not encounter any problems, and the works were completed smoothly and efficiently.

Having to provide a bespoke access that enabled there to be a keypad entry system to the site was a challenge we relished. We maintained that all elements of safety were covered for both pedestrian and road user by providing our effective light assembly, and along with our unique sloping gantry, providing visibility for both road user and pedestrian we once again demonstrated that it is safety all the way for Affordable Facilities!

We completed this project within five days, exceeding our expected completion date, along with preserving the existing bike racks, so they can be used again upon the completion of the restoration project. Proving once again, that there are no obstacles to great or small.

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Project: Building Renovation

Location: Chapter Street

Client: FS Contracts

Scope of Works: To provide scaffold hoardings with turnstile access and a delivery gate.

As you can see. More and more often sites require more than one entrance to the front of their hoarding requirements, and this proved no problem for Affordable Facilities.

With a bespoke turnstile access for those on foot, enabling our customer to install the state of the art Bio –Metric detection system, ensuring that only the right people gained access to site. Along with a gated entrance for deliveries, we provided an excellent site security solution to put our clients mind at rest, ensuring that site is secure at all times.

With absolutely no problems on site, and cooperation from all others involved, this was a successful project that was comfortably completed within the five day time frame.

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Project: Nursery Lane

Location: Londone

Client: Metro Deconstruction

Scope of Works: To supply and erect hoarding works to either side of site entrance gates. Install metal boxing and slip bolt & lock gates, to provide trim and skirting with two coats of external emulsion.

Another simple and effective install from our Projects Team at Affordable Facilities. A project that came to us at such short notice, was dealt with swiftly and effectively, leaving our client in safe hands once again.  Our unique design to the securing of the premises providing a metal boxing to encase the slip bolt and locks, giving our client  peace of mind that all is safe and secure when Affordable Facilities are involved.

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Working with Affordable Facilities has been a sheer delight. The guys gave me a really professional service and some great solutions I hadn’t even considered myself. I will definitely be using them again

Irene Moriarty
Contracts Director at Admiral Scaffolding

I have never used a hoarding company before that have been so easy to work with. Our clients plans changed on numerous occasions and Affordable were adaptable and amenable with their work for us. I found the operatives to be some of the most pleasant people on site. I would recommend Affordable Facilities to anyone looking for a hassle free service

Bob Hards
Architect at Incalmo Architects

When I decided to have some work done on my house, it didn’t even occur to me that I might need hoarding or a scaffolding alarm. Luckily, I was told this pretty early on and was recommended Affordable Facilities by a friend. I’m really glad these were the people I used. I had a number of quotations but found Affordable to be the most reasonable and professional. They kept their work neat and tidy and I slept much easier at night knowing my building work was being contained… especially living so close to a school. Thanks for all you did Steve!!

Katherine Evans
Home Owner