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Community and CSR

Although Affordable Facilities is a company that supplies hoarding and site security solutions to the construction industry, we are also a group of people with hearts and consciences who love the community we work in and do our best to support it. Affordable Facilities Limited are one of the main sponsors of the Wimbledon based Admiral Trust and have been since it was founded in 2012.

The Admiral Trust has been founded to help YOU support YOUR good causes in YOUR community. It is the desire of the Trust to use social networking to allow the friends of the Trust to raise money for causes that are close to their heart and also to support friends in similar positions. Any Friend can ask for help with any cause that they are working towards. No cause is too big or too small as members of the Trust feel that anything which makes even one person’s life just a little bit better is worth doing.

Affordable Facilities support the Admiral Trust and the local community in Merton by donating both money and time, each one as valuable as the other.

You can view a full copy of our Corporate Social Policy by clicking on the image below but we have extracted the community part below for you.

Affordable Facilities pledge to

  • encourage dialogue with local communities for mutual benefit
  • We will take all reasonable and practical steps to minimise disruption to communities and stake holders affected by our works
  • We will work with local communities to develop skills and training appropriate to our business needs
  • We shall respond promptly to complaints and enquiries from interested parties and the public and provide relevant information regarding our activities.
  • We aim to employ locally and buy from local suppliers
  • We are supporters of the Admiral Trust and pledge to donate £5,000.00 and at least 200 man hours per yearThe Admiral Trust logo supporting the Merton and Wimbledon Community

To find out more about the Admiral Trust and what you can do for your local community, please visit


Affordable Facilities CSP Policy showing commitment to the community